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Fucktus - The 3D Printed Middle Finger Cactus Figurine

Fucktus - The 3D Printed Middle Finger Cactus Figurine

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What's up, friends and fellow mischief-makers! 🌵🖕 Ready to plant some giggles and gasps? Introducing the Fucktus, the sassiest cactus in town, brought to you by the fun-loving folks at This isn't your grandma's cactus; it's a cheeky, 3D printed creation that's all about spreading humor with a bit of an edge. Picture this: a cute cactus chilling on a pedestal mount, but instead of regular branches, it's rocking hands that are boldly flipping the bird. It's the perfect blend of adorable and audacious, making it an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates a good laugh. Whether it's for a bachelorette party, a quirky addition to your coworker's desk, or just to spice up your home decor, the Fucktus is sure to be a conversation starter. Proudly produced in Texas, USA, each Fucktus is a testament to the precision and uniqueness of 3D printing. By choosing this little rebel, you're not just getting a hilarious piece of decor; you're supporting American craftsmanship and innovation.

* You will receive Fucktus in the Square Base in images.

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